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Residential Maintenance

Your Annual Contract Entitles You To:

I. Preventive 20-Point Maintenance Checks
We will perform a thorough 20 point check on your equipment. Proper maintenance ensures the unit(s) will operate at the highest possible efficiency, will extend the life of the unit and help to avoid costly breakdowns.

II. Priority 24-Hour Emergency Service
When you call with an emergency, your name goes to the top of our service list. This is a luxury when the weather is at its worst and the loss of heating or air conditioning is not an option. We service YOU first.

YES, LABOR! Some companies offer discounts on parts and accesories, but we offer discounted labor costs. Black Jack Air gives you a 10% discounts across the board:


IV. Knowledge and Peace of Mind
Our knowledge lets you have peace of mind. The installation and repair of air conditioning and heating systems requires considerable knowledge and skill. We have been licensed because we have been able to demonstrate that we have those capabilities. Our technicians have been trained by the leaders of the industry. The major manufacturers that we deal with keep us up to date on the technical specs for their equipment and help to keep us current on important related issues, such as Indoor Air Pollution and State and County mandated regulation changes and so on. All of which means that we have the information and knowledge to assure that you have peace of mind.

20 Point Maintenance Check Includes:

  • Inspecting Motors
    Checking Voltage and Amps
  • Inspecting Evaporator Coils
    Checking Airflow across Coils
  • Inspecting and Adjusting Belts
  • Lubricating Moving Parts
    (As Necessary)
  • Inspecting and Replacing Air Filters
  • Inspecting Fans
    Checking Clearances
  • Inspecting Unit Electrical Connections and Wiring
  • Inspecting Contacts on all Relays
  • Inspecting Drain Lines
  • Checking for Proper Temperature Differences
  • Inspecting all Safety Controls
  • Inspecting and Cleaning Drain Pans
  • Placing Detergent Tablets in Drain Pans
  • Checking Start Up Capability
  • Inspecting Cabinets for Rust and Deterioration
  • Inspecting and Tighten Structural Screws and Bolts
    (As Needed)
  • Checking Refrigerant Pressures
  • Inspecting all Capacitors
  • Checking Supplementary Heat
  • Inspecting Condenser Coils
    Checking Airflow across Coils
    Cleaning and Washing Coils